In the name of restoring stories.

Counseling Approach

Counseling, at its core is story work. Your story may strike you as small. Or, it may feel so heavy you wonder if you will ever be free of it. Yet this is also true: you’re here because you know your story matters.

That’s why I am here too.

I do this work to help you engage in the restorative processing of your story. It’s a work of love and grace, and I’d be honored to share it with you.

Working Together

I like to think of my role during sessions as a story guide. I will help you care for moments in your story that feel fractured or confusing by bridging the current therapeutic techniques with a sensitivity to the biblical narrative. I find that together these approaches create more room for personal empowerment and for healing.

My goal centers on helping you connect to your body, soul, and mind in order to gain access to a greater sense of love and safety in your daily life.