Hope from other storytellers.

A Word from My Clients and Colleagues

“DeeDe’s focus on holistic healing, not just talk therapy, was a game changer for me and has transformed my life perspective, expedited my healing journey, and saved my life. I cannot thank her enough or refer enough of my friends.”
-Former client

“I’ve had multiple counselors, but since seeing DeeDe, I’ve learned so much about extending kindness to others amidst confrontation, self-compassion, self-kindness, boundaries, and the importance of curiosity. It has been worth every penny and a truly life changing experience. I would strongly recommend DeeDe to anyone looking for a counselor.”
-Former client

“DeeDe’s perceptiveness along with sympathetic understanding allowed me as a man to break down barriers of disassociation that affected me in all my relationships. I grew in connection with others, contentment in emotions and enlarged my walk with God.”
-Former client

“After thirty years of therapy, medication, and multiple counseling styles, I was barely managing the effects of abuse, neglect, and complex trauma.   DeeDe has created a safe environment where my paralyzing past and present fears are no longer a danger to look upon.  This process has been key to tearing down the self-protection that has kept me from the people I love.”
-Former client

“As a Board Certified Biblical counselor, I have watched DeeDe pursue excellent training to work through her own hurt and to be better equipped to help others work through their painful issues. She is what we call a ‘wounded healer’ and uses the tools to help others that have worked in her own life. I wholeheartedly endorse her counseling ministry.”
-Shelia Benzon, staff counselor and administrator of Living Foundation Ministries

“DeeDe is a caring, empathetic, understanding therapist with a strong ability to relate and connect with others. Her compassionate, nonjudgmental attitude toward others is a gift she brings to her work. She is dedicated to God, and she allows God to work through her to help others. Your experience working with DeeDe will be growth producing and healing.”
-Monty Miller, LSCSW

“DeeDe demonstrate(s) key characteristics of an effective Biblical counselor—spiritual maturity, developing trust, a genuine love for others manifested through her gentleness and Christ-like compassion, patience, a posture of genuine empathy, core listening skills, the ability to help others express themselves effectively, while utilizing the power of God’s Word with discernment.”
– Lori Driggs, founder of If Not for Grace Ministries

“DeeDe is a passionate warrior who offers care from a heart that understands brokenness and travels the journey toward wholeness. Her years of Biblical counseling training, and somatic therapy, provides a safe place for others to engage their stories of trauma with great kindness. I highly recommend DeeDe to any person longing for more in their life.”
– Tracy Hanson, founder of the Tracy Hanson Initiative